Advice for Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively

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Martial Arts

Based in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Daniel (“Dan”) Hohal works as a complex claims supervisor for an insurance company. Passionate about the martial arts, Daniel Hohal earned the right to provide black belt instruction for the Tang Soo Do Association at the age of 12. If you are preparing to teach your first students, this advice will help you be a more effective instructor.

1. Understand the difference between correcting and overcorrecting form. Novices can’t be expected to get the form perfect at the first time of asking, so focus on making small corrections to technique rather than trying to get students to understand all the fine points of the technique at the outset.

2. Watch how other instructors teach and analyze the results. Consider what works and what doesn’t; then, use the information to inform your own teaching style.

3. While enforcing the rules of the dojo, don’t forget to temper your firmness with fairness. Do not allow ego to drive your instruction; remember, the lessons are for your students.