Mr Daniel HohalThroughout his career in the insurance industry, Daniel Hohal has focused on the intricacies and legal implications of complex claims. He began handling such claims as an insurance representative, in which role he made compensation eligibility and claim coverage determination. Charged with the processing of worker’s compensation and lost time claims, Daniel Hohal built experience with insurance regulations in eight eastern US states.

Daniel Hohal also gained detailed knowledge of insurance litigation while working as a litigation adjuster and legal specialist for complex and large loss claims. He draws on a knowledge of permanency benchmarks, scheduled loss of use payments, and Medicare set-aside processes, as well as the steps necessary to process a claim involving severe injury or death. He currently applies this experience base as a complex claim supervisor, in which position he oversees a team active in the New York and New Jersey regions.

A graduate of the bachelor of business administration program at Marywood University, Daniel Hohal is now a candidate for a graduate degree in the same field from Wilkes University. He anticipates receipt of his degree in 2018.