Five Ways to Improve Martial Arts Sparring Sessions

 Tang Soo Do Association pic
Tang Soo Do Association

Daniel (“Dan”) Hohal of Wilkes-Barre, PA, focuses on workers’ compensation claims as a complex claims supervisor for an insurance company. An accomplished martial artist, he has functioned as a black belt martial arts instructor for the Tang Soo Do Association since the age of 12. As such, Daniel Hohal has participated in countless sparring sessions, which are important for practicing technique without the risks associated with competitive martial arts. Here are five ways to make the most out of yours.

1. Stay calm at all times and remember that the session is about learning and honing technique. Losing your temper may result in injury to one party or the other, if not both.

2. Enter the session with a good idea of what you want to work on. Discuss this with your sparring partner beforehand so you can give more focus to the session.

3. Spar with as many people of different skill levels as you can. Experienced martial artists will facilitate your development, and you can do the same for others, too.

4. Keep things simple to build your core skills. More advanced techniques can be pursued individually, but (for general sparring sessions), focus on using and developing the basics.

5. Always use the best quality gear available to you. This affords you with more protection and ensures that you are comfortable during the session.