Return to Work Programs: Why So Important?

A fact that employers often fail to recognize is that Workers’ Compensation expenses can often be controlled through prior planning and effective management of the series of events which occur after an employee injury or illness. A Return-to-Work Program assists employers with early claims intervention, coordination of medical care, and transitional employment strategies, providing you with a better resolution for your staff and potential savings for your company!  As a cooperative team effort involving the employer, employee, medical providers, and Workers’ Compensation carrier, Return-to-Work programs seek to bring injured workers back to the job as quickly and productively as possible (the most effective way to reduce expenses).  While each carrier’s approach is a bit different, most involve making fast, quality medical care available to help injured employees stay on the job while encompassing opportunities for modified-duty or alternative-work assignments (”transitional employment strategies”) during recovery periods.  A successful outcome benefits all parties while minimizing both direct and indirect claims costs.