When Picking the Docs to Handle Your Workers’ Comp Claim . . .

When a business buys a workers’ compensation policy, good coverage from a financially sound insurer is obviously most people’s main concern. However, that policy should also be providing a wide range of loss control and claims services.

For instance, the insurer might provide a list of medical providers for use by claimants who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses, and good reasons exist for taking advantage of lists provided by the insurance company.

Potential Benefits of this Service

  1. Workers’ Compensation insurers will focus on medical providers who specialize in treating occupational health issues. As a result, the practitioners will be very familiar with common problems (they see them all the time) and will know the treatment plans that get the best results.
  2. Providers well-versed in occupational issues will be better equipped to work with the employer and employee in creating practical return-to-work plans that help claimants achieve a fast recovery and get back to either the same job or a temporary assignment, which benefits everybody.
  3. Insurers are sometimes able to get discounted rates for services, which will reduce the cost of the claim and improve the policyholder’s loss history, which – in turn – will have a potentially positive impact upon the future cost of workers’ comp coverage.

As an experienced workers’ comp claims adjuster, my advice to employers is to take full advantage of the services (such as preferred providers) made available by insurers. I have repeatedly seen injured employees have a better, faster recovery and return to normal when available services are fully utilized.